Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Secret Garden

I can't help but wear florals during spring. I know, I know who doesn't wear floral prints during spring? But the special thing about this skirt is the variety of prints all on one piece of fabric! There's patches of orange corduroy, plaid in shades of green & pink, dark floral prints, bright floral prints, and strips of ribbon all sewn together flawlessly like windflowers growing in an already tame garden. It's such an amazing piece. I'm so lucky to have found it. I decided to pair it with think pink & orange button up for color scheme purposes as well as my trusty pink & purple color block chunky heels. The tan belt helped neutralize all the crazy colors as well as cinch my waist. And there you have it! A look fit for frolicking in a bed of secret windflowers.

Pink button up blouse: Sofia Vergara
Floral patchwork skirt: second hand
Chunky color block heels: second hand
Tan leather belt: Plato's Closet
Parker watch: Michael Kors

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