Friday, September 5, 2014

Art School Dropout

Threw together this little get up with finds from the thrift store! The painted-like top was such a great find, the white base and drippy paint effect make it a mistakenly made messy masterpiece (say that 5 times fast). Had to make it grunge too despite all the bright colors in the print because I can't leave the house without wearing black these days. Anywho fall is on it's way *duh* but I don't care I'll wear shorts because I'm so obviously a rebel. The sad part is I'm actually not in school at the moment so this title probably fits me better than I'd like to let on. Oops. 

Painted top: Bisou Bisou
Leather jacket: H&M
Stockings: Leg Avenue
Lace up booties: Pink & Pepper


  1. That colorful top is super cute! Love it with the grunge vibe from the leather jacket.
    xo Chelsea

  2. Sexy outfit, Veronica! I like your hair style! :-)

    Welcome to my blog,